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You may still owe money after a foreclosure or short sale

 · Do You Still Owe Money After foreclosure? 18 friday oct 2019. Posted by Rita Yazzie in Uncategorized Leave a comment. Over the years, the most certain question, based on the course of action as it relates to foreclosure is:. The house owner(s), while they are not savvy to the short sale process, would want to know happens to the.

Will I Owe Money After Foreclosure? If you are facing foreclosure, you have options. Do you want to fight the foreclosure? Avoid a possible foreclosure altogether? Do you want to walk away from the property? Or sell the property or list it for short sale? In addition to these questions, you should also ask yourself: Will I Owe Money After.

After all, paying cash for a house, an education, or even a car is out of reach for most families. Still. what you owe. Second, and perhaps more importantly, most people don’t behave 100%.

A short sale is an alternative to the lengthy and expensive process of foreclosure. Because you originally agreed to pay the entire balance of the loan, the lender may still go after you for the difference even if the bank’s agent agreed to the short sale. The bank may seek a deficiency judgment against you.

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After foreclosure, homes go to sheriff’s sale to satisfy the amount owed on the mortgage. Whether you still owe money after the sale depends on a few factors. Q: My house sold at Sheriff’s auction to my mortgage lender. They have recently sold it, how do I get information that my loan was covered and [.]

After the short sale closes, your lender may try to collect the deficiency from you by calling or sending you letters in the mail reminding you that you still owe them money. (The calls and letters may come from your lender’s attorney or a collections agency.)

Will I Owe Any Money After a Short Sale? [May 8, 2009.] Many homeowners have turned to short sales to get out from under crushing mortgage debt and avoid foreclosure. But some people who’ve sold their home this way have found themselves still on the hook for some of the money they thought they no longer owed, according to the wall street journal.

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