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The Rabid Main Stream Media Hatred Of Trump Supporters By Kelleigh Nelson

whack heiresses: dewy loser Speaking of unanswered questions, and partisan angles, I’m still waiting for anyone, including here, to investigate the Bronfman’s largest donations, to that Alban-based Republican NY state slush fund – and anyone who objects to me calling it that, ought then to at least tell us what it is, because their minimal and opaque web page certain doesn’t even say who runs it or what the money.Are You Thinking About Buying a Home? Dear Readers: To rent a home or to buy? That is the question. Here are some factors to think about: How long will you live in the home? Less than three years? Rent. The fees associated with buying a.

We both know he is a globalist and he supports population reduction via whatever means is necessary – as does Hillary! The GOP and mainstream media hate ted cruz but their first goal is to eliminate Trump. If they manage to get him out of the way, it appears to me they will then go after Cruz to eliminate him.

The Rabid Main Stream Media Hatred Of Trump Supporters By Kelleigh Nelson; THE RACIST MEDIA WARN DEMOCRATS; The real dreamers; THE REAL HILLARY CLINTON; THE REAL IRAN DEAL; THE REAL MIKE PENCE; The REAL New World Order; The REAL Reason for the MARCH FOR OUR LIVES; The Real Reasons Peter Strzok was Fired from the FBI; The Real Revolution Begins Today

Hardcore Democrat Trump-Hater Commits Terrorist Act By Targeting Republicans BECAUSE They Are Republicans. Democrats at the highest levels of politics and mainstream media "reporters" have been continually labelling Donald Trump as a traitor, as dangerous to America, as a Putin collaborator, as an A-hole.

What is stunning about the lede story in last Friday’s print edition of The New York Times is that it offers no real evidence to support its provocative. a canard that the Times and most of the U.S.

These people on the left and in the media have, I think, an almost out-of-control hatred for Donald Trump. They hate Trump on multiple levels. By the way, something that dovetails with this.

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Hillary and Jeb are also Boomers, with Sanders from the Silent generation. Trump has struck a nerve with a wide swath of middle class America with his anti-illegal immigration rhetoric, disdain for the elitist mainstream media, unflinching assessment of his second string GOP opponents, and exuberant confidence in his own abilities.

This Focus Group of Rabid Trump Supporters Confirms Everything You’ve Been Thinking: WATCH. The group seemed energized by Trump’s outrageous and racist statements. One man added: "Trump is smart like a fox. He’s in campaign mode. He has to be proactive. He’s intentionally playing the media. He’s saying things that are right on the edge.