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Lay Off Rights

Layoff. Your employer likely has the right to terminate your employment at anytime though a layoff. That’s because employment is generally presumed to be "at will" in the U.S. It’s also because employers have the right to protect themselves financially through layoffs.

In most cases when people are laid off, they are so shocked or emotional about the experience that they aren’t sure what to do, what their rights are, or if they might even have a legal basis to sue. As a result, they end up walking away, no questions asked. Here are the legal issues to consider when you’ve been laid off.

Lay-Off – a strictly regulated area of Employment A lay-off occurs when an employer temporarily reduces or stops an employee’s work (and therefore pay), without terminating the employment. Such arrangements are temporary, usually due to a shortage of work or seasonal employment, and employment is continued again at a future time.

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With the economy gradually improving, many employers are thinking about rehiring laid-off workers. Having clear rehire guidelines is critical to avoiding lawsuits for discrimination and wrongful termination. A positive, well-documented rehire process can also foster employee loyalty and increase employee morale.

The federal government has a notice requirement law that requires an employer to provide its employees with adequate notice when it plans to go out of business or layoff a large number of them. The law is called the Worker Adjustment and retraining notification act (warn Act).

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The following article will help you understand California layoff laws, and when it may be appropriate to contact an employment attorney to sue your boss for laying you off illegally. understanding california layoff laws & Your Employee Rights Can you sue your boss for laying you off in California?

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