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How Brandon Kidwell Creates Double Exposure iPhone Photos

The brain is wider than the sky, For, put them side by side, The one the other will include With ease, and you beside. ** Using a iPhone, Brandon Kidwell exposes the power of the mind, revealing its complex inner workings. You can discover that all paths lead back home,

Snapseed Tutorial - Photo Manipulation Light Effect | Android | iPhone Brandon Kidwell is an incredibly talented iPhone photographer and a creative master of double exposure images. I’m really excited to share this interview, where you’ll discover more about Brandon and how he creates his captivating images with the iPhone.

Assignment: Create FIVE double exposure or blended photos (2 using stock photos, and 3 using your own photos. Your own photos can be ones you have already taken, or you can take new photos.) Keep in mind what you have learned about styles of photography, composition etc.

One of my favorite things about astronomy – and I have a lot of favorite things – is that we can create gorgeous images and movies, and they are a wonder to see. but they also teach us stuff. And not.

Brandon Kidwell on February 11, 2014 at 3:32 am said: David, this is incredible, I actually forgot we were doing an interview, you’re right it became more of a conversation and because of that I think this is seriously great and really like that you left a lot of your replies in there.

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Stylish double exposure effects. Besides the creative work by Brandon Kidwell, our Photography category is packed with countless beautiful images, which were taken by some of the world’s best photographers. We feature all kinds of photography such as portraits, landscape, urban, architecture, photo manipulations, etc.

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How lovely. But there’s far more than just gorgeous pictures. A lot of science has come from this mission. For example, I noted in an earlier post how the comet shape is weird: it’s a peanut, with two.

By timing exactly how long it took the pulses to go from the telescope to the comet and back to Earth, they can create a map of the comet’s shape and other characteristics – something like how.

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