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Fighting Megaupload Piracy With…Piracy? – Legal As She Is Spoke

Eleven of those suspects accused of attacking two U.S. Navy ships off the coast of Somalia were later transported to the U.S. and charged with piracy in federal court in Virginia.

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The recording industry blames P2P file sharing for declining music sales and has responded with extensive advertising, lobbying campaigns, lawsuits against file-sharing companies, and, until recently, lawsuits against individual users of P2P software. After years of negotiation, authorized downloading sites have also emerged, such as iTunes.

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Megaupload Founder Dodges Jail Again; Wife Under Investigation 175 Posted by Unknown Lamer on Wednesday February 29, 2012 @01:11PM from the you’ll-never-catch-me dept.

According to a story this week over at BetaNews, Microsoft is now officially rolling out the anti-piracy reminders to XP users worldwide: "The company has made minor changes to the program in response.

I think you're right that Game of Thrones is the most pirated show in the world,” he said. new initiative “Coming Together to Combat Online Piracy and Counterfeiting” in. when U.S. law enforcement took his popular Megaupload offline a year ago, I spoke with 2 distributors who do own rights (in multiple countries) and.

Megaupload latest target of US anti-piracy campaign. But the ICE spokesman said it was in line with the campaign against online piracy which began in June 2010 with the closure of 10 sites offering pirated movies, some within hours of their release in theaters.

The Megaupload founder had been in prison for little over a month after his arrest in January.. megaupload founder defeats US Govt Attempts To Put Him Back In Prison. When TorrentFreak spoke.

Home Health Owner Sentenced to Prison for Fraud – Allison Legal Law Firm Suspended lawyer gets six months in jail for practicing in NH – CONCORD – A Florida man was sentenced to six months in jail for posing as a lawyer in good standing while. in July 2012 to represent him in a New Hampshire federal credit card fraud case. U.S..

As Chairman and CEO of the MPAA, I guarantee you that fighting piracy in all forms remains our top priority.” That tackling piracy is high on the MPAA’s agenda won’t comes as a surprise but at least in terms of the numbers of headlines plastered over the media, high-profile anti-piracy action has been somewhat lacking in recent years.

The Dean of the Faculty of Law, Babcock University also spoke on other diverse issues, including his views on the standard of legal education in Nigeria. It is clear that another problem of dealing.

With a new market cap of $419 billion, Apple has surpassed Exxon as the world’s most profitable company by market cap. Plus, will Apple shares hit $500? Google makes privacy harder to come by and Bank.