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doped repetitious: eighteenth regatta

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Update English Hunspell dictionaries Update English Hunspell dictionaries from upstream (SCOWL). Add back in en_AU.dic_delta (copy of en_GB.dic_delta) as SCOWL added en_AU dictionary.

GRE Word List this word list contains repeated words in GRE Real test. Syntax: Word, Meaning, Example sentence. abbreviate shorten Example Because we were running out of time, the lecturer had to abbreviate her speech. abate subside or moderate Example Rather than leaving immediately, they waited for the storm to abate.

eighteenth day of the lunar month. lau kuk briar, thicket, thorny tree . Lau K Lua n. nineteenth day of the lunar month. lau kumu ole n. parasite. lit., plant without foundation. A legendary koa tree with this name at Kahikikolo, Kauai, was said to have only branches and no trunk. lau kpee [lau k·pee] n.

advanced numerological code made easy with revised code keys.[Because FBI online agents are inefficient at code, offers an easy way to obtain complete information on coordinators of eavesdroppers at military bases, now that names and other information is easly revealed on these eavesdropping crime syndicate organizers.

 · ornate; highly decorated; N. CF. 18th century: roil : make liquids murky by stirring up sediment; disturb: rolling (of land) rising and falling in long gentle slopes; happening continuously by stages; Ex. rolling devolution of power to local governments: romp : play or frolic boisterously; gambol; N. rooster : cock; adult male chicken: roseate

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