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Bet You Didn’t Think of This Reason for Regular Septic Tank Pumping!

They're very expensive to replace, so regular maintenance is essential. Did you know that you should periodically inspect your system and pump out your.

I had a clog in my field drain line a few years back. Septic company charged me $250 or so to unclog, plus another $200 or $300 to completely drain the tank. No problems since. It could be something as simple as a small clog near the tank outlet.

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 · Open that and see if it backing up. The shouldn’t be water standing in that pipe. If there is you could just be clogged pipe, or the drain field side (leaving the septic tank) could be not draining properly for various reasons. After all the septic tank operates in a near full condition. Water goes in and water goes out into the drain field.

When your septic tank is pumped it is not sanitized in any way. There are still lots of the bacteria that are necessary for decomposition of the waste. The tank is (should be) designed so that solids that sink and solids that float will not exit the tank to the leaching field.

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Septic tank fantasy No. 4: pumping out the septic tank can restore or save a failed or failing drainfield. Even using a fantastically small number of 50 gallons per person per day in a home where extreme water conservation measures are in effect or where there is a single elderly occupant using very little water,

The EPA recommends septic inspections at least every 3 years. Septic pumping is then determined by the inspector. Pumping a septic system is not something that average homeowners can or would want to do. Anytime you’re dealing with a septic system, it is important to hire a licensed plumbing or septic tank contractor like Conroe Septic Pumping.